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How does The Card Boys work?

Every three months Adam and Callum curate an exciting range of cards using our brilliant artists' designs that promote their work. Our cards are printed to order (meaning we don’t waste paper), boxed up and popped in the post.

Each box comes with a guide that will keep you up to date with a featured artist's work and remind you of a few key occasion dates coming up over the season.

We take payment on the day an order is made and dispatch the box for delivery the following day. You can cancel at any time up until three days before your next order.

How do you select your artists?

We both went to schools for the arts and spend a lot of time at art shows and galleries looking for artists to collaborate with. We are always looking for new artists to champion from a diverse range of backgrounds and disciplines. Most of our early artists are close friends from art schools and design backgrounds, and we've found brilliant artists through our friends, social media and even at the pub. 

I’m an artist and would like to work with you, how should I get in touch?

We are always on the look out for talented artists whose work can translate well to greetings cards. If you are interested in working with us please send us an email with ‘Artist Submission’ as the subject line, include a few examples of your work and a bit about you. We receive a large volume of submissions but we will try our best to get back to everyone.

Will I be able to see what cards are coming up?

You can view our current season's and next season's box on our homepage 

What are naked cards?

Our cards arrive naked, which means it’s just the envelope sitting neatly inside the card and no nasty plastic wrapping the two together.

What are FSC certified materials?

Our cards and packaging are made from either recycled or FSC certified materials which means they are responsibly sourced and environmentally appropriate.

How do I get in touch?

You can email us at and we will get back to you.

Are you hiring?

Not currently. It’s just Adam and Callum for now. We hope with your support we can expand our team.

Can I opt out of specific card designs?

We're a tiny business at the moment so we're not really able to pack custom boxes.

Can I have card boxes delivered to more than one address?

You can amend your delivery address on your online account or by emailing us at

You can also set up a second regular delivery to a different address from the same account. Please be aware that this would be two or more regular deliveries for you to manage from one account.

Will I be able to skip deliveries?

Absolutely. You can skip your next order by dropping us an email with your account information. You'll just need to give us three days notice. 

I have a code to use, what do I do?

All offer codes can be redeemed at checkout with your first order. If you have any problems finding this then please get in touch with us at

Do they have to come every quarter (three months)?

Most people like to get their cards every three months as it means they've always got a supply to hand. However you can get deliveries as rarely or as frequently as you like, just drop us an email and we can sort it for you. It's totally flexible! 

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes - you're not locked into anything. Cancel whenever you like!

What should I do with the empty boxes?

Our boxes are designed to fit comfortably in a draw, cabinet or cupboard and are useful to store the cards until your next delivery. When you are ready to get rid of your box they are completely recyclable.

Can I send a box of cards as a present to a friend?

Yes. You can edit your delivery address to go elsewhere for a specific delivery, just remember to change it back to your own address after that delivery has been made. You can always create an additional regular delivery for a friend alongside your own from the same account.

Do you use any plastic in your packaging?

We are plastic free.

When do you take payment?

We take payment for your first delivery as soon as you create the order. Your first box will be dispatched the next day. Payments will then be taken at three monthly intervals from this point and deliveries will be dispatched the next day. 

I have a press or marketing enquiry...

We’d love to hear from you. Please email us at and someone will get back to you!

Where do you store my card details?

We don't! It's all done independently by a service called Shopify payments. Lots of small businesses use Shopify payments and your details are secure as can be!



Will my delivery reach me if I’m not at home?

If you are away then not to worry, our card boxes are the same size as a large letter and will fit right through your letterbox.

Can I change my delivery day?

Delivery days will be set quarterly intervals (every 3 months) from the day you placed your first order. If this is a problem please email us at

Can I have more than one box delivered?

Yes. You can set up a second subscription – or if you just want one additional box for that season, please email us and we can arrange that for you.

Are your cards environmentally friendly?

Yes, all our cards are sent naked which means they have no plastic packaging and all the materials used to make the cards are FSC certified or made from recyclables.

Can I recycle the boxes?

Yes, once you are finished with your box please feel free to recycle it. 

How do you deliver my cards?

All of our boxes are sent First Class by Royal Mail.


Due to Royal Mail strikes in the coming weeks, there will be delays to First Class card arrival times. The strikes are planned for the following dates:

Friday 9th December
Sunday 11th December

Unfortunately these delays caused by the Royal Mail strikes are beyond our control and we appreciate your patience and understanding.


Can I order individual Cards?

Our cards come as part of a carefully curated collection and are not currently available to order individually as we monitor the printing of the cards closely to avoid over printing. 

Where are your cards printed?

Everything is printed right here in the UK.