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Hi, We're the Card Boys...

Adam and Callum
...we grew up in Brighton, met at school and have been friends ever since. As two actors we understand the difficulty of exploiting our creativity and finding people who loved what we did enough to champion our work.
We both found that we had so much creative energy and drive, but were always having to rely on others to give us opportunities before we could express ourselves through our craft.
After a few years of waiting for these opportunities to manifest, we decided to take matters into our own hands and set out to make something happen for ourselves and lo and behold The Card Boys, was born.
Our shared group of friends includes a talented pool of artists, doodlers and illustrators. Artists who have great talent and a portfolio of fantastic work and we wanted to give them a platform to showcase themselves effectively, to promote their work and leave their calling card wherever we go… literally!
We are The Card Boys, run for creatives by creatives.